Commodities fall into 3 main categories: Energy (crude oil, natural gas) Metals (gold, silver, platinum) and Agricultural (sugar, coffee, rice). When trading commodities, you have to be cautious as they are affected by unpredictable events such as natural disasters. On the other hand, many traders consider commodities a good investment when the markets are unusually volatile. Gold, for instance, has historically been considered a safe-haven.

CFD CommodityBrent Oil0.12
CFD CommodityCOCOA4.00
CFD CommodityCOFFEE0.30
CFD CommodityCOPPER0.02
CFD CommodityCorn0.80
CFD CommodityCotton0.14
CFD CommodityCrude Oil0.06
CFD CommodityLCATT0.30
CFD CommodityLHOGS0.14
CFD CommodityNatural Gas0.16
CFD CommodityOATS0.80
CFD CommodityPalladium10.00
CFD CommodityPLATINUM1.50
CFD CommoditySBEAN1.40
CFD CommoditySugar0.04
CFD CommodityWheat1.00
CFD Commodity spotALUMINIUM6.00
CFD Commodity spotCobalt300.00
CFD Commodity spotGOLD1.00
CFD Commodity spotSILVER0.06
CFD Commodity spotTIN68.00
CFD Commodity spotZINC7.00

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