The Forex market is the largest financial market on Earth. Currencies are always quoted in pairs like this: EUR/USD. When you trade currencies, you buy one while selling the other. In this case, you would be buying EUR and selling USD. The retail FX market, as the currency market is commonly called, is a purely speculative market. No physical exchange of currencies ever takes place. Popular currency pairs at XLN Trade are EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, CAD/CHF, AUD/USD and NZD/JPY.

CFD FX spotAUD/CAD0.001
CFD FX spotAUD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotAUD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotAUD/NZD0.0020
CFD FX spotAUD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotCAD/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotCHF/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotEUR/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotEUR/GBP0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotEUR/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotEUR/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotEUR/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotEUR/RUB3.00
CFD FX spotEUR/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotEUR/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotEUR/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotGBP/AUD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/CAD0.0020
CFD FX spotGBP/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/JPY0.06
CFD FX spotGBP/NZD0.0010
CFD FX spotGBP/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotGBP/RUB3.00
CFD FX spotGBP/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotGBP/ZAR0.026
CFD FX spotNZD/CAD0.0010
CFD FX spotNZD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotNZD/USD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/BRL0.0500
CFD FX spotUSD/CAD0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CHF0.0004
CFD FX spotUSD/CNY0.0700
CFD FX spotUSD/DKK0.008
CFD FX spotUSD/JPY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/MXN0.05
CFD FX spotUSD/NOK0.0100
CFD FX spotUSD/PLN0.004
CFD FX spotUSD/RUB3.00
CFD FX spotUSD/SEK0.01
CFD FX spotUSD/SGD0.0026
CFD FX spotUSD/TRY0.04
CFD FX spotUSD/ZAR0.026

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