An index is comprised of a list of stocks within a given industry. Traders place trades depending on whether the value will go up or down. As they are made of up a number of different stocks, traders must exercise caution as volatility can be quite high. Popular indices that you can trade with XLN Trade are: S&P 500, FTSE 100, NIKKEI and DOW JONES among others.

CFD IndexADX General20.00
CFD IndexARCA Pharmaceutical1.50
CFD IndexASX 2004.00
CFD IndexCAC404.00
CFD IndexCNA5025.00
CFD IndexDAX5.00
CFD IndexDFM General20.00
CFD IndexDow Jones35.00
CFD IndexEURO503.50
CFD IndexFANG8.00
CFD IndexFTSE6.00
CFD IndexHANG25.30
CFD IndexJSE200.00
CFD IndexIBEX10.00
CFD IndexMIB4020.00
CFD IndexNasdaq3.50
CFD IndexNifty5.00
CFD IndexNikkei25.00
CFD IndexOMXH258.00
CFD IndexOMXS304.00
CFD IndexS&P 5004.00
CFD IndexTA 355.00
CFD IndexTadawul All Share20.00
CFD IndexVIX0.10
CFD IndexWIG204.00

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