Take your trading to the next level with Autochartist

XLNTrade’s main goal is to make online trading easier and more profitable for all types of traders – beginner and advanced alike. And we have found the one tool that can fit everyone’s needs – Autochartist.

What is Autochartist?

A powerful scanning tool that provides technical analysis and helps traders save time and improve their trades.

The tool is easy to use and with its help traders can analyse the market and get the best opportunities highlighted for them.

Autochartist helps users filter big amounts of data, predict future price movements easily and identify chart patterns.

Features & Benefits

Autochartist provides

  • Daily market reports – never miss a trade opportunity again! Autochartist will send you important updates about lucrative opportunities.
  • Volatility analysis – manage risk easily with this important feature that shows you when the market is most volatile and helps you set appropriate exit levels.
  • Automated technical analysis – receive analyses on chart patterns, price forecasts, support and resistance levels and more, represented in a way you can easily read.
  • Probability filters – filter important market events of significant value and check past performance and patterns with this easy-to-use scanner.
  • And much more!

Who can benefit?

This tool is built to suit the needs of beginner and advanced traders alike. 

Beginner traders can use it to get a clear picture of all the data collected from the markets, understand how they work and make better trades.

Experienced traders can use it to save time, improve their trades and develop even better trading strategies.


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